Aigamo duck sukiyaki course

Aigamo duck sukiyaki course | AIGAMO TORIYASU

Aigamo duck sukiyaki course | AIGAMO TORIYASU1.Assorted appetizer plate 前菜五品盛
(Includes salmons pickled in sake lees, a grilled duck preserved in miso and
three other dishes.)
※Items change seasonally

2.Soup お吸鍋
(Chicken meatballs, nameko mushrooms and leeks in a seaweed based broth.)

3.Chicken sasami 鶏の笹身の一皿
(White meat chicken prepared seasonally with assorted vegetables.)
※Items change seasonally

4.Aigamo duck sukiyaki 相鴨すきやき
(Aigamo refers to a kind of duck that is a cross between a domestic duck
and a wild mallard. Aigamo sukiyaki is prepared with assorted cuts of duck
including breast, leg, liver, gizzard and heart. Served with spring greens,
leeks, shiitake mushrooms and green peppers.)

5.Rice 御食事
(Rice, miso soup and pickles.
Choice of white rice, rice blended with seasoned duck.(seasoned with soy
sauce, sugar and cooking sake), or fried rice with ground duck.)

6.Seasonal dessert デザート
※Items change seasonally


  • Aigamo duck sukiyaki course 相鴨すきやきコース1人前 ¥10,000 per person ※We charge a service fee of 10%.



  • Extra duck 相鴨お肉1人前 ¥2,500~ per person
  • Extra vegetable お野菜1人前 ¥2,000 per person
  • Rice blended with seasoned duck 鴨そぼろ御飯1人前 ¥500 per person
  • Fried rice with ground duck 鴨炒め御飯1人前 ¥500 per person

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